Trailhead Biosystems


Trailhead Biosystems merges developmental biology and cell therapeutics with cutting edge hardware, and computerized experimental design and analysis to perform process-specific parameter optimization to develop cell therapies. Our computer-based experimental designs greatly reduces the number of experiments and time otherwise needed for running one-factor-at-a-time experiments to optimize a large number of variables.

Trailhead Biosystems is a spinout company from the National Center for Regenerative Medicine's OH-Alive Platform. This platform is funded by the Ohio Third Frontier which made the commercial venture possible.

The Department of Defense recently announced the combined award of nearly $300 million to the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI). This new institute, led by industrialist Dean Kamen, will be the 12th Manufacturing USA institute established, and brings together a consortium of 87 partners from across industry, academia, and government to develop the manufacturing technologies for life-saving cells, tissues, and organs. Trailhead Biosystems is part of this consortium.