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Goaloop - The Goal Market®


Goaloop® is the world’s Goal Market®, the one-stop solution for goal achievement. Got a goal? Goaloop it! State your goal on Goaloop and everything appears for you to reach it: the right people, resources, incentives, and support – in a thriving community propelled by AI and the latest technology to help us achieve our individual and collective potential, skyrocketing collaboration and innovation.

Most networks connect people based on ‘who’ you know. Goaloop connects people based on ‘what’ your goals are. A goal to learn the guitar matches a goal to teach guitar, and sell guitars, and make guitars. Goaloop uses the goal to transcend social, business and ideological boundaries to unite us and focus on getting things done, expanding social circles and creating new opportunities in work and life. No matter what goal you have, someone else has a goal that will help you to achieve it.

Studies show we are addicted to social media platforms and digital devices, yet we have trouble focusing on our goals. Goaloop harnesses technology to addict you to your own goals. Your goal activity stream enables effortless focus on your goals. Goaloop is the ultimate Goal Manager®, where all of your goals, tasks, missions, intentions, and habits are organized and prioritized in one place.

Goaloop scales from your one personal goal to goals all over the world. The world’s first level marketplace, where funding is optional, Goaloop connects all productivity by the common denominator of our goals, from Wall Street to Main Street to the sidewalk vendor and your mobile office. Goaloop enables you to seek funding for your goals and fund the goals of others in six ways: donate, pledge, hedge, buy, bid, invest. The goal is a unit of productivity, and behavior; our Goal Index® measures economic activity in brand new ways.

Goaloop is patent pending and based on the conclusion that the goal is the smallest unit of human motivation, the origin of all action, the common denominator among all productivity, a measurable unit, our natural currency as well as a commodity.

We live in a globalized world with global opportunities and global problems yet we do not have a global productivity platform, until now: Goaloop is based on the belief that connecting goals, we can achieve anything together.