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Legal Resources for Startups

Calling all all local startups and emerging growth companies: Tsai CITY is hosting Sven Riethmueller of Yale Law School’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Clinic for a half-day workshop that will cover typical issues associated with starting, managing, and growing a new venture.

Participants in this free workshop will be provided with information and resources that will help entrepreneurs turn their ideas or ventures into established, functioning legal entities.  Topics to be covered include:

  • Choosing an entity type and cost-effective ways to form and maintain your business

  • Allocating equity among the founders and vesting

  • Structuring and appointing a board of directors and officers and understanding their different roles and responsibilities

  • Protecting and licensing intellectual property with university tech transfer and governmental offices and in joint research & development collaborations

  • Hiring, compensating and incentivizing independent contractors and employees

  • Contracting with suppliers, vendors and customers

  • Raising seed capital through friends and family and VC financing

  • Understanding dilution and the impact of investors on founders’ equity


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Presentation by Dr. Ingmar Hoerr
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Presentation by Dr. Ingmar Hoerr

Ingmar Hoerr, PhD, MBA, is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CureVac AG. He founded the biopharmaceutical company in 2000 together with colleagues in Tuebingen, Germany.  Today, CureVac is one of the few "unicorn" life sciences companies from Germany.  The company is currently valued at Euro 1.5 billion.  Since Dr. Hoerr founded CureVac, he raised approximately $430 million (€400 million) in equity investments.

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