Emulate Inc. is a privately held company that creates living products for understanding how diseases, medicines, chemicals, and foods affect human health. Our Human Emulation System sets a new standard for recreating true-to-life human biology and is being used to advance product innovation, design, and safety across a range of applications including drug development, agriculture, cosmetics, food, and chemical-based consumer products.

Based on its Organs-on-Chips technology, Emulate is creating a new living system that emulates human biology – for understanding how different diseases, medicines, chemicals and foods affect human health. 

Emulate's Human Emulation System provides a high-fidelity window into the inner workings of human biology. The Human Emulation System offers researchers a new standard for predicting how a human may respond to diseases, medicines, chemicals, and foods — with greater precision and control than today’s cell culture or animal-based testing approaches.

Emulate's founding team pioneered the Organs-on-Chips technology at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. Emulate holds the worldwide exclusive license from Harvard University to a robust and broad intellectual property portfolio for the Organs-on-Chips technology and related systems.

Emulate continues to develop a wide range of Organ-Chips and disease models through collaborations with industry partners and internal R&D programs. Emulate is also working with clinical partners to produce Organ-Chips personalized with an individual patient’s stem cells, for applications in precision medicine and personalized health.